Our mission is to help people feel happier and healthier

Our mission is to help people feel happier and healthier. For the past 25 year Sat has been into fitness and had first hand experience of how the impact of an injury can have a detrimental effect on your day to day activities. From having regular massages himself in line with his training plan it sparked a very strong interest which then made him take the decision to study in the sport and deep tissue massage field.

Upon arrival for your appointment , We will carry out a thorough consultation to identify the problem, assess the current range of movement and then build a tailored treatment plan.

A variety of techniques are used and for each customer this differs depending upon the consultation outcome.

This can range from tooled massage (rock blades), soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, kinesiology (taping and strapping), posture correction tips, machine aided massage (throgun), friction techniques, stretching, manipulation and cupping.

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We work with the general public who are physically active in sport or regular gym goers. massage is incorporated in line with training programmes to ensure that the massage helps benefit the performance, recovery after physical activity and with work on injury issues.

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