Sports massage is designed for physically active customers. It works to provide a deep rehabilitation process that manipulates soft tissue to prevent injury and evolve muscle or tendon pain to rid the soft tissue of any stress. Massage can help improve flexibility dramastically, the range of motion and keep your joints more fluid making them less prone to injury.

When you exercise heavily, your muscles suffer microtraumas. Small amount of swelling occurs in the muscles because of tiny tears. Post event massage can help to reduce the swelling caused by microtraumas, loosen tired and stiff muscles, maintain flexibility, promote blood flow to the muscles which helps remove lactic acid and waste buildup and helps to reduce cramping. Massage helps speed up the recovery time and alleviate pain, strains and soreness. A recommendation is to wait 24hours to 3 days so you are in less pain and have reduced soreness before you book a massage.

We are pleased to offer you the chance to have the healthy

Sports Massage for Athletes

For serious athletes massage can help at different stages: Pre & post competition or event, to reduce scar tissue and prevention from further injury and recovery from injury. It is generally best to schedule in a massage 2-7 days before your physical event or activity, so that you allow enough time to adjust, recalibrate and get over any soreness and fatigue experienced from the massage. We work with a variety of different customers who participate in many different endurance sports such as runners, marathon participants, cyclists, swimmers, rowing, squash, badminton, tennis, football and rugby. We also have a big clientele of customers who participate in strength sports such as various martial arts, MMA, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, bodybuilding competitors, strong man competitors and powerlifters.

For those under the age of 18 we will need you to be accompanied by an adult or guardian, We see a lot of young adults in sports such as swimming, netball, football and gymnastics teams who use massage in line with their training regimes to release any tension built up from exercising.