This is what our clients have to say

Been dealing with shoulder and neck issues for a while and have seen quite a few physios/doctors. Massive improvement from just the first session. Also very knowledgeable and gives solid advice to prevent/ deal with injuries long term. Highly recommend!

Taj Pal Sports Massage Client

Sat is an absolute guru at what he does. Can spot the issue within seconds and will complete the most professional and efficient job to relieve you of any pain. Seen him multiple times and I’d highly recommend him! Thanks as always Sat

So Cool TV Sports Massage Client

Very professional, would highly recommend Sat. Went to him a month ago for a couple of sessions as both my shoulders have been causing me extreme tension related pains. After each session I walked away noticing soo much difference and my pains have not come back since.

Sarbjit Hair Sports Massage Client

Would recommend. Sat really knows his stuff. I went in with back pain that was stopping me from sleeping. Sat used a mix of massage, pressure points, acupuncture and realignment to get my back working properly again. He even treated my plantar fisciitis on my foot during the session.

Ben Shaffery Sports Massage Client