Benefits of a Sports Massage

Under the dedicated treatment from a member of the Infinite Health team, you will notice marked improvements in physical condition. Some of the other benefits of a specialised sports massage include: 

  • Improved range of motion, leading to better performance
  • Reduced rehabilitation time following an injury
  • Reduction in muscle tension, discomfort, and overall soreness
  • Increased in relaxation levels, allowing you to focus on psychological aspects of training
  • Better sleep quality before sports and workouts.

These benefits are gained from the increased blood circulation that sports massage provides. Toxins and other waste materials are flushed out by the healthy blood flow. Freshly flowing blood stimulates the muscles and carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body that facilitate muscle recovery and release of tension. Similarly to a deep tissue massage, sports massage therapy is not particularly relaxing – the goal is to provide trigger point therapy for muscles relied on for sports and physical activity.

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